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She has been a Farwellite since the age of 5. She was a camper, CIT, counselor, riding director, summer director and now our year-round director. Marley completed her undergraduate degree at Simmons College in Boston and then served as an undergraduate admissions counselor at Simmons for over two years.

Marley is also our chief camper advocate and friendship coach. She is a happy person who is always smiling and believes that laughter is the best medicine. Charlsie loves everything outdoors and in nature! During the school year, she teaches fourth grade down in Florida. She loves getting to know each camper and is so excited to be the Camper Advocate this summer.

We are chomping at the bit to welcome Tish back to camp. She has experience as a horseback riding counselor, and will be overseeing the equestrian center this year. She will help oversee the Counselor-In-Training Program. Lolo has a great sense of humor and loves to pull pranks — so watch out! Recently retired as a kindergarten teacher, she has her own catering business.

Jane loves to float on the lake and is forever young at heart. I work at Haverhill Cooperative Middle School helping kids be and do the best that they can for the past 14 years. I am also a running coach, and an after school program enrichment provider. I really enjoy cooking especially trying new and healthier recipe options. This will be my third year at camp Farwell and I will be your Performing Arts counselor. Olivia Animal Care Counselor. I have spent all my summers since I remember on the lake with my family skiing, wakeboarding and kneeboarding!

This is my first year at Camp Farwell. I know we have a great Summer ahead of us. See you in June! I completed my high school by specializing on machine production. I am interested in technical and maintenance tasks. I am always positive and friendly. I am quite excited to be a part of the Farwell Camp this summer. I will do my best to make you happy. See you soon. I love all things animals, especially horses! In between university I coach children boxing and also part tale in my own training to hopefully compete.

I first started to kayak a couple years ago and it quickly became one of my favorite hobbies, and now I help out at a local kayaking centre. I am an undergraduate university student and volunteer from Kazakhstan. I am easy-going, and a good listener. I enjoy outdoor activities. My mission is to positively impact the life of every person I meet. My name is Yana and I am from Ukraine. I live in Poland and I work as a teacher. I love cooking and I am interested in dietetics.

I also like learning foreign languages and I truly enjoy working with people from all over the world. I work part time in a local cafe baking all the sweet treats! Looking forward to meeting everyone and spending a summer in America! See you guys very soon! Hometown: Co. I will be teaching sailing, I have sailed since I was eight years old and it is an amazing sport. Looking forward to meeting you all!! I perform in an improv comedy team at my university and plan to study at a comedy school my senior year, so I definitely tend to emphasize the comedic side of performing arts.

Facebook Twitter Instagram youtube pinterest. Meet Our Staff This page is continuously updated. She is so excited to be back at Farwell for her second year! Friends to all, big smile makers and chief security members, Josie and Callie are at Farwell all summer long! Will and Marley married in at Camp Farwell! He is trained as an electrician, but has many talents. From creating the Escape Room, to making the game room, to all the decorations you will see in the dining room, we are lucky to have this guy!

Lynne is a school nurse during the academic year. When Lynne was a child her mother was one of our cooks who served up some of the most yummy meals. His granddaughter, Rylea, is a camper at Farwell. Michele, our camp doctor, will be returning for her 10th summer at Farwell.

She will be with us during our second session. As far as I know Americans only eat cottage cheese in a salty way, but this dish is actually sweet. We put sour cream and icing sugar on it. Robin has been a nurse for 16 years.

Her daughter attended Farwell for many years and participated in our CIT program. She loves being outdoors in the summer, especially when gardening is involved! Her big smile and good nature endear her to all.

Video Counselor Years at Farwell: 3. My name is J. This will be my third summer at camp, where I teach Videography and Advanced Filmmaking. I am a fully qualified, working special effects and theatrical makeup artist from Devon, England the place with all the farms. I love the hands on aspect and being able to get really messy whilst having loads of fun.

As well as makeup, I really enjoy being outside and going on adventures. Andrews in Scotland. Sports form a big part of my life, but I also love playing the guitar and singing.

This will be my first year at Camp Farwell and also my first year as a camp counsellor, so I will try to do my best and spend an unforgettable summer by your side. Julia C. My name is Julia and I am super excited to be coming back to Farwell for my second summer as a staff member!

My name is Jalila and I live in Montpelier, Vermont! My favourite pastimes are going riding, listening to music, ice skating and spending quality time with my dog; Wolfie! This will be my 8th summer at Farwell but my first as a counsellor! I am so excited to say I will be teaching vaulting and riding! I cannot wait to see both new and returning faces up at the barn and around camp! I will be working as a kitchen support staff we will try to make the best meals possible and it is going to be my second year.

I can not wait to meet you all. I am from Vermont, but am currently attending university in Toronto, Canada. See you around the waterfront! My name is Alicia and I am super excited to be apart of a wonder camp as my first camp ever. I am from South Australia and live on a small farm, I am very passionate about all animals, travel and anything outdoors.

I have a big passion for Photography and am currently studying Film and Photography in Australia. This will be my first time in America and my first time as a Camp Counsellor. Sophia Tennis Counselor Years at Farwell: 8.

Hometown: Iowa Favorite evening activity: Smugglers! This will be my 8th summer but my first as a Counsellor! I like to horseback ride, sing, and play tennis. I am very excited to spend the summer on the courts of Farwell! I cannot wait to see new and returning faces. See you on the courts! I am 19 years old. This will be my first year at Farwell as a performing arts counsellor.

I absolutely love Musical Theatre!

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Many nights Fiorello Bodoni would awaken to hear the rockets sighing in the dark sky. He would tiptoe from bed, certain that his kind wife was dreaming, to let himself out into the night air. For a few moments he would be free of the smells of old food in the small house by the river. For a silent moment he would let his heart soar alone into space, following the rockets. Now, this very night, he stood half naked in the darkness, watching the fire fountains murmuring in the air. The rockets on their long wild way to Mars and Saturn and Venus! On a milk crate, by the silent river, sat an old man who also watched the rockets through the midnight hush. I prefer the rockets myself," said old Bramante. Eighty years ago, and I've never been on one yet. This is a rich man's world.

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She has been a Farwellite since the age of 5. She was a camper, CIT, counselor, riding director, summer director and now our year-round director. Marley completed her undergraduate degree at Simmons College in Boston and then served as an undergraduate admissions counselor at Simmons for over two years. Marley is also our chief camper advocate and friendship coach.

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