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Man in need of redemption

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For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting. You might hear a Christian say, "Jesus saved us all. Catholics believe that Jesus Christ willingly sacrificed himself on the cross for the redemption of human sins on the behalf of all humanity. Our beliefs tell us that through one man, Adam, sin entered the world in the form of original sin.

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Does Fallen Man Need Redemption? Let’s Think on This!

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We live on a planet with some 7. What is reality according to our Creator? This is why world conditions never get solved in any meaningful way. They then assume that you and I can be redeemed fully if we join their fellowship. I listen to dozens of pastors who preach a gospel of total redemption from all sin for their select believers. This makes this select group special and qualified for escape from the coming wrath of Almighty God.

This teaching is now ubiquitous in various Evangelical prophecy conferences which I attend for information. The concept is called the coming Rapture by the glorified Yeshua now at the right-hand of Power who enters our material universe and rescues these select believers supposedly millions.

But is this valid according to scripture and history? I would suggest that this teaching is a myth and a false doctrine which does not have any precedence in the prior actions of our Creator God. God does not view one group as special over another. Each person is given equal treatment by our Creator God and since Jehovah God controls all events ultimately this means that all redemption will be offered equally to everyone.

But this also means that noone is guaranteed salvation. The behavior of people on this planet reveals that NONE of us are perfect or without any flaws sins. If someone is without a flaw sin then this person could live forever and not die. Death is the consequence of being a sinner imperfect.

This makes everyone a sinner and imperfect to a degree. Human nature reveals our imperfect character. Our behavior reveals our flaws and imperfections. Six thousand years of history reveals our imperfections and flaws to everyone who desires to understand!

Look all around our planet for evidence of our fallen nature. Read human history for evidence of our flawed human nature. Religion does not save us from this condition. Science can not save us. Human nature is imperfect by design and this leads to conflict and contention.

Man can not solve his own fallen condition my view. If this does not happen, then all mankind will be destroyed so prophecy seems to suggest. We all need redemption. That is my view of reality and this view is based upon my evidence from our prior history.

The end words of scripture support this view. We can witness the polarization which is taking place in every nation. America is totally polarized. Russia is polarized. China, and all of Asia, is polarized. Europe is polarized.

Latin America is polarized. Africa is polarized. The entire planet of 7. Fragmentation is everywhere! Turn on the world news for evidence! If our Creator does not intervene we would all be destroyed by our weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear war is a given if we do not change our behavior. Redemption is essential if we are to continue to flourish on this planet. If there is no Creator, then I have NO hope. Prophecy seems to show that redemption will arrive eventually!

Our world is behaving as if NO redemption is needed. Russia desires to be independent of America. China desires to be independent of America and Russia. The situation is similar for all nations. Who can rule us all? Can Putin rule the planet all 7. Can Trump rule the planet?

Can Xi Jinping rule our planet? If man can not rule this planet and create peace and security, then WHO must redeem us? This is what seems clear when I read scripture and watch prophetic events.

At some point we are heading for Armageddon. When this happens in the near future , then we could witness a final redemption and a final intervention by our inner SOURCE whom I view as our Creator. Until events get to Armageddon, however, I doubt that any meaningful intervention will occur. Think for yourself on these crucial issue of salvation. Have a great Holiday Season. One timeline of possible redemption this is not my view, however : The message that we are at the end-time is valid IMO.

No man is perfect. That is the reason for repentance. Otherwise it is pardonable for God is merciful to all His creation. We originated from heaven and to the heaven we shall return unless we do not want to. Those who follow the path of Satan are those who do not want heaven and those who follow the teaching of Abraham,Moses,Jesus,Muhammad and all His prophets will be salvaged,by the mercy of God the Almighty.

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Does Fallen Man Need Redemption? December 28, Like this: Like Loading Reality: Was Jesus a Christian? Yahweh ist?

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The Fall of Man and His Redemption

One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted doctrines in all of Christianity is the doctrine of the Fall of Adam. Elder James E. The LDS conception of the Fall as a necessary part of the overall plan of redemption is based heavily on doctrine taught in the Book of Mormon.

Please click here to view our new website! However, because I am not good at assembling things, I had a little sweat and tears in this work. They are special to me.

Throughout history we have wrestled with questions about salvation. In our quest to know the truth about salvation, we have searched everywhere possible. In our search, we have constructed entire philosophies in order to find the answers we want. Religions have been created, codes and rules have been formulated, entire governments have been established, self-serving gods have been manufactured, and men have worshiped themselves.


Gerald N. Monte S. Nyman and Charles D. Tate Jr. One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted doctrines in all of Christianity is the doctrine of the fall of Adam. Elder James E. Talmage said,. It has become a common practice with mankind to heap reproaches upon the progenitors of the family, and to picture the supposedly blessed state in which we would be living but for the fall; whereas our first parents are entitled to our deepest gratitude for their legacy to posterity-the means of winning title to glory, exaltation and eternal lives. The LDS conception of the Fall as a necessary part of the overall plan of redemption stems heavily from the doctrines taught in the Book of Mormon.

Chapter Seven - Jesus Christ and the Redemption of Man and Woman

Milton and the New Scientific Age represents significant advantages over all previous volumes on the subject of Milton and science, as it includes contributions from top scholars and prominent beginners in a broad number of fields. Most of these fields have long dominated work in both Milton and seventeenth-century studies, but they have previously not included the relatively new and revolutionary topic of early modern chemistry, physiology, and medicine. Both of these oversights are corrected in this essay collection, while more traditional areas of research have been updated. In treating these topics, our contributors are not mired in speculations about whether or not Milton was on the cutting edge of early science or science fiction, for, as nearly all of them show, the idea of a "cutting edge" is deeply anachronistic at a time when most scientists and scientific enthusiasts held both fully modern and backward-looking beliefs.

John Thomas Wylie. I understand the treatment is insufficient.

We live on a planet with some 7. What is reality according to our Creator? This is why world conditions never get solved in any meaningful way.

Was Mankind Created to Be Redeemed?

What is redemption? Redemption is the state of being freed from the power of evil. Redemption means a New Creation in the spirit of man. It is the giving of a New Nature; a New Life to man.

Bible App. Your browser does not support the audio element. OR Download. According to the Scriptures, God's purpose for the human family included a plan for the redemption of mankind. This plan was in place from the foundation of the world, before the creation of Adam and Eve Rev. But why do human beings need redemption?

Christianity & Science

In the garden of Eden , God lost the part of His creation that He considered very good—mankind. Yet, though man fell under the wiles of Satan, God took a tremendous and necessary step to regain what was rightfully His, created for His own purpose from the beginning. This step is the step of redemption. When you return to your parking spot later, you discover your car is gone. You have the keys and the title deed, but you lost possession of your car.

Jul 13, - What is redemption? Redemption is the state of being freed from the power of evil. Redemption means a New Creation in the spirit of man.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! The offering of Christ once made is that perfect redemption , propitiation, and satisfaction, for all the sins of the whole world. Even in the middle ages there were not wanting those - the St Victors, Bonaventura - who sought to vindicate mystical if not moral redemption as the central thought of Christianity. Since their leading doctrines have been formulated as follows: I the total depravity of man; 2 the real Godhead and real humanity of Christ; 3 justification and redemption through the sacrifice of Christ; 4 work of the Holy Spirit; 5 good works as fruits of the Spirit; 6 fellowship of believers; 7 second coming of Christ; 8 resurrection of the dead to life or judgment.

4 Mankind in need of redemption

And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat.







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