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How to make hair look wet guys

No two types of hair are identical. But two men with very similar hair can look wildly different if one takes time to style it properly with the right product. That is to say, how a man styles his hair — and which gel, pomade, cream, mousse, or wax he chooses — makes all the difference. Now, there are a lot of choices out there. Products that promise to give you perfectly tousled bed head. Products that promise to give you perfectly tousled beach hair.

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Pomade, Paste, Gel and Beyond: the 15 Best Hair Product Brands for Men

And having a Don King hair day can affect more than just your appearance. Even the thought of a bad hair day was shown to affect self-esteem dramatically. And what makes it unique depends on its structure. Hair varies in thickness — from 50 microns a unit of measure equal to 1 millionth of a metre in people with fine hair to over microns.

Thickness also depends on the number of individual hairs on your head. How the hair behaves depends on the shape of the individual shafts. Asian hair, for example, is often round, so lies flat and straight; Caucasian hair is slightly oval, which tends to make it fine with varying degrees of waviness; and Afro-Caribbean hair is flat and curved, giving it its distinctly curly appearance.

To that split end, this guide is here to help. Whether your mop is wavy, curly, frizzy, thick or just refuses to lie flat, we have a battle plan to defeat any kind of bad hair day. Generally, slightly shorter hairstyles work best here. If the hair is especially thick, ask your barber or stylist to take some of the weight out using special thinning scissors. If blow-drying is essential, stick to a cool setting. Not volumising mousse, for one. Thick hair benefits from styling products that provide hold without adding volume or stickiness, so Winkler suggests stocking up on clays or pastes.

According to Paul Morgan, a master barber at Jacks of London , a good moisturising shampoo is also essential, as is a decent conditioner. Conditioners also help keep thick hair manageable and result in a sleeker and less voluminous look.

If your hair is thick as well as wavy, though, your barber can take some of the some of the bulk out with a razor or thinning scissors without risking frizz.

Particularly good cuts for guys with wavy hair include the undercut where the sides and back a keep ultra short with the hair worn long on top , the public school side part where the fringe falls forward or loose and tousled think Jon Snow or Harry Styles.

Just remember: the longer the hair, the more pronounced the wave, so if control is your aim, keep your hair under three inches or so in length. To tame longer wavy hair that tends to be a bit unruly, Morgan suggests tying it up loosely overnight. You can maximise and look after your waves with hair products designed to define and enhance curls and waves while reducing the mad scientist look with an anti-frizz serum. If you really want to wave goodbye, you can always temporarily remove them with the help of a pair of ceramic straighteners.

If your cut is particularly short, opt for a model with smaller plates as these offer greater precision — which is the difference between smouldering looks and second-degree burns. Typically, curly hair is more coarse in texture, and the coarser the hair, the less water it holds and therefore the dryer it is. You have three options: fight it by keeping it cropped which is how Justin Timberlake tackles his notoriously curly mop top , remove the curls with a relaxing treatment, or — and this is by far the easiest and most authentic option — you can just make the most of what nature has given you.

Okay, so maybe not Valderrama, but you get the idea. Whatever style you choose, make sure you get it cut or shaped when dry. Curly hair is more relaxed when wet, springing back a little when dry, so having it cut this way guarantees the style and length you want. Equally, drying hair with a hair dryer featuring a diffuser will help protect the hair and define curls without making them frizzy.

Like young children, hair can be obedient and well behaved or unruly and defiant. These can be tricky for barbers to deal with because they have to deal with two centres of growth to style around. Cowlicks, meanwhile, are small sections of hair that go against the general direction of hair grown on the head to create gravity-defying tufts that stick up and defy most attempts to tame them with products like waxes and pomades.

The easiest way to deal with a stubborn cowlick is to go for a short, spiky or textured style that works with it rather than against it, disguising the hyperactive hair in the process. There is no magic potion that can help here. However, a few styling techniques can aid in making things easier. For example, blow-drying can temporarily change the direction of hair growth if cowlicks are a problem, while growing the hair longer can help by weighing it down.

Interestingly, washing the hair less frequently is also a good hack as the natural oils will weigh the individual strands down at the root. An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, Lee Kynaston is one on the UK's best known and most experienced male grooming experts. Men's Hairstyles. By Lee Kynaston. Assessing Your Hair Type Hair varies in thickness — from 50 microns a unit of measure equal to 1 millionth of a metre in people with fine hair to over microns. Dealing With: Unruly Hair Like young children, hair can be obedient and well behaved or unruly and defiant.

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35 Hair Tips for Men, According to Experts

It is basically an extremely sleek, uber-stylish coiffure that makes your hair look like you just came out of the shower or the rain! As with all great and excessively stylish looks, this one takes some upkeep and a lot of preparation. There are a few different ways to accomplish this debonair hairdo, and they are a bit more complicated than the lather-rinse-repeat you may be used to. Your first option for sporting the all-day wet hair style is to use hair mousse. This is a product that will not only give you that wet look but also provide a certain volume to your hair making it perfect for guys with thin or thinning hair.

So how can you deal with hair-raising problems like greasiness, breakage and product build-up? Matte products absorb light and instantly make hair appear a little thicker.

Call it a Mod cut, a shag, a mop top, or just bangs—medium-length, pushed-forward hair is gaining popularity yet again. Douglas Booth above , Ben Whishaw, and Owen Wilson have all worn it, and these tips will have you primed for the style too. Start with clean, towel-dried hair. Use a blow dryer on a high-heat setting to achieve the shape you want. Take a small amount of high-hold pomade or clay and work it into the back of the hair, moving forward target the roots of the hair for maximum control.

Dealing With Men’s Thick, Wavy & Unruly Hair

The goal of most men is to spend as little time in the bathroom as possible. Less hair means less maintenance, right? But, the pitfall of this thinking is that the tenants of good hair apply no matter how long your hair is, what texture it is, or how much you have. Here are the best tips for all men to achieve their best hair possible, straight from the experts. Three to four times a week is best for most guys. Washing your hair with cheap shampoo is like washing your car with hand soap. Shampoos formulated with lots of harsh ingredients, usually found in cheaper products, can strip away too many of those natural oils that protect and hydrate your hair. When it's time to wash your hair, use a gentle formula that is sulfate-free and has natural ingredients, instead like Aveeno's Pure Renewal Shampoo.

The Best Hair Creams to Keep Your Locks Looking Lustrous All Day Long

Sashaying down the AW19 runways at Haider Ackermann, Burberry and Fashion East and appearing on red carpets everywhere Margot Robbie, Allison Williams and Vanessa Kirby we're looking at you , wet look hair is officially the high fashion 'do to be working on your next night out out. Frankly, if Kaia Gerber's working wet look finger waves, we want to work wet look finger waves. To the untrained eye it might look like you've just stepped out of the shower, but there's actually way more to styling wet look hair than you might think. Is it just water or does that dry? How do you keep it looking wet all day?

The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair.

And having a Don King hair day can affect more than just your appearance. Even the thought of a bad hair day was shown to affect self-esteem dramatically. And what makes it unique depends on its structure.

Pomade vs Gel vs Wax – Which Is Best For Your Hairstyle?

First of all, keep in mind that the sleek wet or wet look hairstyle works with all cuts. For an optimal wet effect, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will boost your shine. Comb out your locks thoroughly, then dry them.

Finding the perfect product for your type of hair can be kind of a daunting task. If this is going to be the thing that finally takes you from a haplessly intolerable dude with decent hair to a haplessly intolerable dude with really good hair, there's a lot of pressure not to mess it up. I mean, fuck a personality, man: When you've found the one true bad-hair-day panacea nothing else really matters, does it? If going weeks without a trip to your barber is starting to make you think you should've read a few more books while you were coasting along on the strength of your hair alone, don't you worry your pretty little head: We've rounded-up a few of the best hair creams around to keep your lettuce looking as luscious as it used to be before lockdown life. If hair cream isn't already an essential element of your grooming regimen, it should be.

To Each (Hairstyle) His Own (Hair Product)

Both men and women are after getting a wet hair look without damaging their hair too much. Be it a stylish undercut, a comb over, a wet beach look or just a spontaneous wet hairstyle, you want the beauty to last all day long without fail. The worst thing that can happen is half of your hairstyle starting to look dry and messy while the other one stays wet and beautiful. There is a good variety of ways to help your hair stay on top of its game when wet. By using one of them, you can forget about worrying. Whatever special occasion you have coming up, you can use one of these methods to stay stylish all day long. We collected a few effective methods to get your hair look wet that last the whole day.

What should I do to make my hair look soft and silky? 25, Views · What are ways to keep men's hair smooth and  8 answers.

Slick-backed hair has evolved through the years: You can still wear it like a stock trader , or opt for a more casual-cool, less shiny finish. Same idea, less slick. Regardless of your intent, we wanted to know how to get long-lasting, good-looking results every time.

Whether you have short back and sides or long curly locks, you can achieve this look no matter what. Learning how to get the wet hair look for guys is one thing; what products to use and how to keep your style in place all day is quite another. In this article, we look at the different products that can achieve this look, as well as instructions on how to use them to create that wet look for guys.

Caring for your hair is simple enough. All you need is shampoo and conditioner and— bam! Styling your hair, however, is an entirely different matter.

Using a super strong hair styling product would help me achieve the exact hairstyle I wanted. Or so I thought..

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