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How to make a guy happy after a breakup

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After a breakup you might find that you are lonely, sad, and longing for your boyfriend back. Sometimes these feelings subside with time and sometimes they do not. If you want to make a guy want you after a breakup, you need to understand why you broke up in the first place. Then you need to communicate with him openly and attempt to rekindle your passion.

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How To Be Happy After A Breakup, Even If Things Ended Before You Wanted Them To

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There are still many reasons for you to continue living, even if you have lost the love of your life. All you need to do is see things in a positive outlook. Here are 14 practical ways that may help you be happy and strong after a painful breakup.

Accept the reality. Accept it with an open mind and heart. It is the first step of moving forward. Confront the situation with a positive attitude. You have to believe that everything happens for a reason, and this breakup is probably for the best. Who knows? There could be someone better meant for you. Pray for your ex and yourself. I believe in the power of prayer, because I personally experienced it in my own brokenness. Divert your attention to productive causes.

Instead of idling the whole day in your room, be brave enough to face each day. Devote your time to being productive at work or school. You can also involve yourself in socio-civic activities. Count your blessings. Count all the blessings you have received.

Be thankful for the loved ones who are still with you. Be thankful for the opportunities and even for the smallest good things. Think that you deserve better. You have to remind yourself that you deserve to be treated better. You deserve someone who will respect and treat you with utmost care. Enjoy singlehood. Being in a relationship for too long had probably kept you from doing some of the things you used to love doing.

Spend more time with loved ones. For this reason, use your loneliness as a motivation to value your loved ones. Aside from distracting yourself from pain, you also get to enjoy the company of those who will always love you. Date your parents in a fancy restaurant or take them to a resort. Treat your siblings to the movie or play sports with them. Visit your grandparents or take time to listen to their stories. Dare yourself in extreme adventures.

You need to release those heavy emotions, right? Why not challenge yourself to try the things you have never imagined doing—like zip lining, bungee jumping, or skydiving? You can also go hiking and camping in the wild. Surround yourself with positive people. You need a positive environment. Therefore, avoid talking with emotional and depressed people as much as possible. Be surrounded with friends who will encourage you and make you laugh. Stop thinking about your good old times together.

Past is past and it will never happen again. That is the present. Wish your ex all the best. Being bitter hits you harder than the person who hurt you. This selfless act will help you more, because it is a positive and pure energy that cleanses your wounded soul. Value yourself more than ever. How you value yourself will determine how others will value you. You have to set standards for yourself. Be excited for what the future holds. An ending can mean a new beginning.

Use this breakup to motivate yourself to dream bigger dreams and expect greater things. Desire to meet a better person—and be a better person yourself. Learn from the past mistakes and use these lessons to be wiser in your next relationship. Your recent breakup is not the end of the world. It could be your door to a better world for your future. You have to believe that there are better days ahead of you. This is a fresh start for you, so make the most of it.

Hi Shella. In behalf of Inspiring Tips Team, thank you for the comment. I hope you will not stop visiting our website, as well as our social media pages. Thank u. After my breakup I changed my number and deactivated all of my social media networks. I kept a positive attitude and most all I was relieved. He was a jerk. Thank you so much for this inspiring tips, this will be the another sign that I asked from Him..? Thanks but am still not stronger after this am still puzzled in my head an still have mixed emotion.

Well if there was some one that taught it was the end of the world it me Hey there is allways a light at the end of the tunnel myself I did not believe in that wellll today I do …. If you can please help me to be strong minded. Nice words…. I wish I can facilitate my healing process…. Nice advice, ill do this and try to be a better person, it helps me a lot and dried my tears, im afraid to come in a relationship again.

In sha allah we can all move forward for the better tomorrow…. Thank you for these kind of inspiring tips. This is a time that i need such kind of motivation. I think this is help full to pass through this painfull situation and raise back more stronger. I have a week that i broke up with my girlfriend, she cheated on me years and i kept leaving a lie i thought she was going to change she betrayed me i feel so sad i need help i need to change what i feel i know i cant be with that person but is hard we being together for 4 years and i let her be my everything now i dont know what to do with out her i miss her so much.

So when I meet someone new,they know everything about me in a day. That goes for my relationships too. Yesterday my girlfriend sadly ended it with me and now I feel all alone again. Will I ever find anyone like her, I doubt it. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Share and inspire. Joan Cyril Abello. Joan is a freelance blogger who loves writing about personal development. She also loves learning and teaching languages. A Communication Arts graduate, she now pursues a masters degree in Language Teaching. She is into mobile photography, writing poems, and reading for leisure. Comments Thank you for such inspiring tips. I came across this article in perfect timing. Its difficult and takes time. I hope u are doing better. Its very difficult to understand,but yes it will surely work.

Thankyou so much. Hmmm is very difficult to forgive and to forget but i will try now,Thanks so much. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

9 Things Every Guy Needs to Do After a Bad Breakup

By Chris Seiter. If you want your ex boyfriend to miss you after your breakup then you definitely came to the right place. You will find that my site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery is a lot different than the rest of my peers.

So why does it seem like they move on the next day? Instead of taking a moment to deal with what happened, guys try to mask their feelings with rebounds and new relationships.

There are still many reasons for you to continue living, even if you have lost the love of your life. All you need to do is see things in a positive outlook. Here are 14 practical ways that may help you be happy and strong after a painful breakup. Accept the reality.

How to Break Up With Someone

Being dumped hurts for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that this person you wanted to stay with no longer wants you. It happens to everyone who ever dumps a person. Want to make him miss you after a breakup? After all, no guy wants to admit to dumping a girl who turned into a This one is really hard to do, and trust me when I say that even I, a relationship writer, fail at it. If you were always kind and sweet to him, and if his friends knew you well, then you better believe his friends will probably notice him dumping you. Most people will be very aware of how hard it is to get a good partner. They may even ask him what the deal was if they themselves liked you enough. This typically but not always goes hand-in-hand with making more money.

Here’s the Truth About Men and the Ways They (Typically) Handle Breakups

In the beginning, it's exciting. You can't wait to see your BF or GF — and it feels amazing to know that he or she feels the same way. The happiness and excitement of a new relationship can overpower everything else. Nothing stays new forever, though.

Breakups are incredibly difficult. After the breakup, give yourself some time and space to process your grief.

Peacing out on any relationship whether you are the breaker or the broken sucks big time. This includes unfollowing them on social networks, avoiding seeing them in person, and removing remnant reminders of them scattered about your apartment. Out of site, out of mind. Even if you hold out hope for rekindling your relationship.

11 Breakup Survival Tips (That Don’t Involve Positive Thinking)

Especially under the circumstances of the dump ee versus the dump er , an unexpected breakup can honestly feel like the end of the world, because it is , in many ways, the end of the world as you know it. I was dumped by my first serious boyfriend during my junior year of college. Being the book nerd that I am, though, I took to browsing through a ton of quotes floating around the internet to get me in the right mindset. It was then that I came across a meme that gave me an all too necessary wake-up call.

These feelings were mostly expressed via soap opera-worthy sobbing sessions, doors slammed in extreme teen angst, and many, many ill-advised attempts at a reconciliation over the next four years. I like to think my relationship disaster plan has improved over the last 17 years, but no matter how emotionally evolved and mature you are, breakups suck. Also confusing. So here are 19 strategies to cope and recoup during the healing process, before investing in a makeover. One of the trickiest parts of navigating post-breakup reality is figuring out whether you actually want to stay in touch. Sometimes totally eliminating the ex from your life will serve you better in the short and maybe long term.

30 Easy Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up

Every relationship has their own fate. Some lasts a long time, some does not. When the problem between you and your partner never meet the right solution, breaking up is the best. Regardless of you want it or not, breaking up is hard. You have to deal with the loss and sadness at the same time. However you have to face the reality bravely.

If you want your ex boyfriend to miss you (after your breakup) then you definitely came to the right place Nov 29, - Uploaded by Chris Seiter.

My last big breakup was almost three years ago. It was horrible we never spoke again , and I grieved in a big way. I vented to my friends constantly, I wrote—and I cried, like, a lot.

19 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off Those Lousy Breakup Feels

The question isn't so much how to break up with someone but how to do it in a way that's not rife with sadness, awkwardness, and messy miscommunications. No easy feat. Here, a therapist and a psychologist share advice for how to kindly and effectively break up with someone.

How To Make Him Miss You & Want You Back After Breaking Up With Someone You Love

Guys tend to take breakups hard. We slice our suffering into long, dull, depressing chapters. We constantly obsess over what went wrong, spending hours investigating all the emotional forensics and telling ourselves the stories of our breakups over and over again. And we stalk our exes on social media for months, if not longer.

Breakups are as much a part of the human experience as a breathing oxygen and not licking cactuses. Tattoos, relationships, work and cutting off your locks.


What To Do Right After A Breakup


How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup


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