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How to find spouse hidden bank accounts

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Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

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The next time you sit down to lunch with nine of your friends, take a look around. Odds are that four or five of you are going to wind up getting divorced. Even worse, that divorce could turn into a battle over assets that your spouse has been hiding from you. A recent CNBC report said that a whopping 7.

Unless you signed a prenuptial agreement that states otherwise, all of your shared assets are supposed to be split evenly when you get divorced. After all, official divorce proceedings come with all kinds of different discovery tools — including subpoenas, interrogatory questionnaires, and depositions — that are designed to establish how many assets exist in the marriage.

Because of all of this legal red tape, spouses can get very creative when it comes to hiding their assets. Some methods of hiding assets are even sneakier.

A safe deposit box is another popular and discoverable! Also look for discarded deposit slips or receipts from unknown banks. Any bank statements from hidden accounts are likely being mailed to another address. This is a common misconception and goes against human nature.

And, yes, conducting bank and brokerage account searches are completely legal, provided that all applicable laws are followed, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley-Act. For example, here at Docusearch, our investigators have spent more than two decades searching for hidden assets.

Many investigators will search through the banks that are closest to where your spouse lives or works. The problem with that? If your spouse opened up a secret bank account in the next town over, your investigator will never find it! The correct way to search for secret bank accounts is to do a nationwide search.

In most cases, your investigator will even be able to tell you what the exact balance in the account is! Most brokerage accounts also have associated money market accounts, which can act just like checking accounts. And just like bank accounts, the best investigators can conduct a nationwide search.

As long as the account is held at a bank or brokerage, it should be discoverable. Since annuities are considered insurance products, they are not discoverable. It does no good if your spouse is made aware of any ongoing or completed investigation.

At Docusearch, our searches are completely passive, meaning not even the bank is aware that a search has been undertaken. Even the best private investigator will need a little bit of information to begin his search. Fortunately, the best investigators can search for hidden accounts with very little input information. Then, there will be a small charge to detail each one.

You can even exclude know banks from the search. You want your investigator to be thorough, but in this case, time really is money! Luckily, the best investigators have enough expertise to work quickly without cutting corners.

For example, here at Docusearch, we can normally complete your hidden assets search within 3 weeks. That will give you and your lawyer plenty of time to look at the results and take action. About Docusearch: We are asset search specialists and have been conducting bank and brokerage account searches for over twenty years. Our investigators are licensed and insured. Call us at for further information.

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How to Find Hidden Bank Accounts & Assets Nationwide

Discovering that your spouse has been hiding assets from you can leave a bad taste in your mouth. It can make you angry, upset, and confused. The reality is we live hectic lives.

By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. People worry about their partner cheating but it's financial infidelity that's often the downfall of otherwise promising relationships. Harder to spot but equally — or even more — devastating, money lies destroy trust.

Where can I look to try to find any hidden money? Fortunately, many men try to hide cash in predictable places. Finding hidden assets is one of my specialties, and here are the first places I always look:. If something does add up in the income your husband is reporting, let your attorney know right away. It may be a lot of work, but if your husband is hiding assets, you could be losing out on a large amount of money that you are rightfully owed!

Where to Search for Hidden Assets During Divorce

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Finding Bank Accounts & Hidden Assets In A Divorce

Hidden assets often have a ring of hope or criminal suspicion tied to them, depending on the person and scenario. Private investigative services, like Lawrence Ryan Investigations in Chicago, regularly conduct these services for clients. This article highlights the following reasons, scenarios, and benefactors of hidden asset services and will shed light on why anyone would want to go through this process. Asset discovery is a painless process, but you need to understand certain facts to get the best results. If you answered yes to one of these questions, an online asset search is not going to work.

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The next time you sit down to lunch with nine of your friends, take a look around. Odds are that four or five of you are going to wind up getting divorced. Even worse, that divorce could turn into a battle over assets that your spouse has been hiding from you.

Tracey Cox reveals what to do if you discover your partner is hiding money

For the most part, he was just interested in whether or not he can make a purchase. If he wants to make a large purchase, he let me know in advance, so that I have time to put together a plan to make it happen. However, these were accounts that he knew about and that he could get information on if he wanted. I like to think our situation was different from the more than seven million Americans who have bank accounts or credit cards that their live-in partners know nothing about.

Financial transparency is essential in a divorce. The same logic applies to hidden income. It becomes much harder to calculate an appropriate amount of child support or spousal support without knowing what both parties actually earn. Unfortunately, concerns about finances permeate the area of domestic relations. It is possible to argue the existence of an asset or income, even without solid proof.

Do You Hide Your Money from Your Spouse?

But, where do you start? How do you find hidden assets in a divorce? And what are the red flags to pay attention to? I spoke with private investigator Joe Seanor to get answers to these questions. They will hide money with their mothers or fathers sometimes.

Check out the best ways to hide money from your spouse. You made the mistake of joining bank accounts when you joined hands in marriage. double lives by maintaining hidden checking or savings accounts or using secret credit cards.

If you're thinking about getting a divorce, you may worry about how the court will divide your assets, including your money and property. If you have more assets or make more money than your spouse, you may consider hiding your assets, so not as much property or money will go to your soon-to-be ex. No matter what, hiding assets is a terrible idea. If you hide assets, and they are later discovered, the court can issue penalties or jail time for your actions. A common goal for hiding assets in a divorce proceeding is to prevent the reduction of your assets.

5 ways to catch your spouse hiding money

By Lina Guillen , Attorney. Unfortunately, some spouses attempt to hide assets before or during a divorce in order to avoid sharing them with to their soon-to-be ex. The first step in dividing assets during a divorce is to create a complete financial picture of all of the assets owned by each spouse. These are general rules; the laws of your particular state will dictate exactly how property is characterized.

How To Hide Money From Your Spouse: A Sneaky, Step-By-Step Guide






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