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How do i ask my boyfriend for money

Skip to main content. This is the first time I'm writing to you. I'm having a problem. I'm 18 years old, and I have a boyfriend who is 20 years old.


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How to get money from a man without asking

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. I recently lost my job and am currently looking and have multiple interviews coming up. My boyfriend is my last resort, how would I go about asking to borrow the money from him?

Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Learn to be resourceful. Make a payment arrangement to delay the bill and carry on. Then switch the phone number on your resume to the parents so if you cut the phone off, you are not missing out on job opportunities.

Money is always a touchy subject I think it depends on how long you guys have been together. If I was with my GF for lets say a year I'm not reluctant to help people, but on the other hand, I'm not going to lend money to just anyone being naive that everyone will pay me back. I help as long as I can, but regarding money lending, that particular favour is accessible to a small circle of my very good friends and family members. A word of advice Put your bills together that you can't afford to pay, present the situation to your BF and ask if it's possible for him to help you with the most important bills.

I'm sure that as long as it's doable, he will try to help you out. And please, spend the money that you need on things that you really need it for.

If you don't and the person finds out, they will never lend you money again. I think it would be a better idea to get a temporary job to fill in the gap while you look for something permanent.

That is what I would do. If you must ask your bf, do what Torstein recommended. Show him a plan, and especially include the part about how and when you will repay him. And make sure you do. Smithy Send a private message. Do not have a bill pay phone. Get a prepay one with no monthly contract, therefore no bills to pay.

Cut down your usage, use email and skype. Borrowing money is never a good idea, from anyone. Sell the phone and pay the bill, or work part-time at anything until you find permanent work.

I wouldn't Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Anonymous : Its not a good idea you go without your phone until you get another job or ask your family to help you until you get back to work. Americanguy1 Send a private message. You don't. You shut your phone down until you get another job. ThatFuckingBastard Send a private message. No more going out, no more eating out, no more buying booze, no more going to the movies etc. U need to go to your parents first, you are their responsibility until death.

He might be cool with you keeping it, but always offer. Why did you lose your job? Ask a New Question expand. What do I do? Anonymous In case of a divorce, would I be held accountable for paying child support towards my soon-to-be wife's biological and adopted children?

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How to Ask Your Boyfriend for What You Want

Maybe you want to move in with your boyfriend, or borrow his dog for a jog. Maybe you want to ask your boyfriend to marry you, or to move his junk out of your apartment. How do you ask your boyfriend for what you want? Not only is he fearless about asking, he refuses to take no for an answer….

The onus therefore lies on a woman to also come up with the best way to get whatever she needs without being added to the line of women considered to be gold diggers. The only time a man might call you a gold digger is when you prove to him you love his money more than himself, aside that, he will never see you as a gold digger even if he spends all his life savings on you.

So if I understand you correctly, you are looking for the best way to ask your boyfriend for money politely; i. I know what you are trying to do right there. The truth is that most guys derive joy seeing their girlfriends ask them for money. One of the ways they eliminate this frustration is by trying to spend time with you — which make them end up spending on you — though indirectly.

Is It Ever Okay to Ask Your Partner for Money?

How to get money from a man without asking? If you are tired of being a strong amazon who cleans an apartment, cooks food, raises children, tries to look good and at the same time goes to work, you must learn how to communicate with your man and ask for. This post will definitely help you. The emancipation gets stronger, and since the school bench, each girl dreams of financial independence and full equality between the male and female genders. All this is certainly good, but ladies should not forget that their men are still supposed to take care of them. How to get money from your boyfriend? Before you will try to get financial help from your man, you should clearly understand in what situation you are and whether your request is relevant. Otherwise, you will look foolish and selfish. For example, you want a new dress. But you should clearly understand the material status of your boyfriend?

Would You Ask Your Boyfriend For Money?

I make my living flying around the world, talking to women about how to take control of their money so they can afford their dream life. At 25 years old, Martin Dasko had his financial life in order — until his love life got in the way. After sending her cash online, they agreed she would pay back the loan when she got a new job. No additional terms or conditions specified. I just felt bad for her and was uncomfortable because I had to pressure her to find a job rather quickly.

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If this global pandemic has caused financial stress for you and your partner, it's time to talk about it. If you use these scripts, it won't start a fight. Ramit Sethi.

7 Subtly Brilliant Ways To Get A Man To Do Anything You Want

Also avoid fighting, complaining, shouting, tears and pouting. Seriously, all it takes to get a guy to do what you want him to is knowing how to give him some of that sweet old-fashioned charm only a woman can give. From buttering him up with compliments to leaning in for a long kiss just before you ask him to clean the apartment, it's really not that complicated. Having a few mind tricks mastered will take you far as long as you're in a healthy relationship with a healthy, non-toxic man, of course.

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How to talk to your partner about money

We have dated for 3 years now and I have never in my life asked him for money, he just gives me anything and anytime he likes and I appreciate and say thank you. I try so hard to make it work because he keeps lamenting on how his ex-girlfriend was a gold digger and all that. So yesterday I saw his phone and went through his chat and realized one particular number he has been cheating with , went on whatssap and saw dirty chats , so I went to his text messages and saw credit alert to one particular name , over 1. Now I see him send money to another woman. I feel hurt I want to hurt him so bad.

Aug 2, - I also want to know when a girl can start asking for money from her boyfriend.” Well, I know it may be better to give than receive, but even the.

Financial talks can be uncomfortable to have in any situation just think about how we tiptoe around discussing our salaries at work! But when you're dating someone you care about, money convos can be even more awkward to have with them. This is especially true if you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask your partner for money Of course, while every situation and relationship is different—and there's no right answer for how to have these kind of talks—take solace in the fact that you're not alone if you think they're touchy. In fact, consider the opinions of these 13 twentysomething men and women, who get real about loaning or being loaned money by their partners:.

How can I make my boyfriend give me money?

No M. All Rights Reserved. Or maybe you like being taken care of and see no shame in asking your boyfriend for a nice little treat every now and then.

I make more money than my boyfriend and it seems to bother him. How can we move past it?: Ask Ellie

Here are some of the best times a guy would be so willing to give you anything you ask for;. If he says no, respect that decision. If he says yes, clarify what conditions are associated with him providing you the money. If you need a big amount of money, then there are very slim chances that any rich people will donate that much money.

This week, one reader says she wants her boyfriend to support her financially, while another reader says she's tired of paying her boyfriend's bills.


Ladies: 10 Easy Ways To Get Money From Your Man


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