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Hindu girl name

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Popular Hindu baby girl names

The Hindu religion is not just about worship and divinity. It is a way of life. Unfortunately, Hindu baby names have become increasingly unpopular. These days, many parents are looking westward for a good name for their children. Even parents who want an Indian or Hindu name just cannot seem to find something that matches the changing times.

If you are one of those parents, wait a moment! There are several modern Hindu names that are unique and beautiful. Sounds hard to believe? All parents want their children to live a bright life. Was your daughter born in the spring season? Your daughter is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Aarushi is an Indian Hindu baby girl name; sounds poetic yet rooted in Indian culture.

The secret to a successful life is to remain hopeful. Are you looking for a spiritual yet latest baby girl name for your daughter? Try Aashrita! Today, we all want our daughters to grow up free and fearless. Another interesting name that you can give a try. Another perfect name for the girl of the twenty-first century! If you are looking for a religious name, which sounds modern and trendy, go for Abirami. In the Hindu religion, Aditi is the name of the Goddess of sky and consciousness.

A short and sweet name, Akshi is the name for you if you want an easy to spell and pronounce the name. The name is easy on the ears but has an amazing meaning.

Anika is a unique name to consider for your baby. It is another name of Goddess Durga. We all want our children to stand out in a crowd.

Anusha is another popular name that remains a favorite among new parents. Opt for Archisha. Some names never go out of fashion and Aaradhya is one of them. It means the one who is worth worshipping. If you are a devotee of Goddess Durga, then you can consider naming your baby Aadhya. The name has a stylish Russian flair to it.

The meaning of Arushi is red. The color red plays an important role in Hindu mythology. It refers to the rising sun that is worshiped by most Hindus. The modern name spells prosperity and wealth. It was the name of many ancient Indian Queens and is still very popular. The unique name means peace. It is perfect for your daughter who has brought joy and harmony in your life. If you like over-the-top baby names, then you can go for Adah which is more like a modern girl name. The name is finding great patronage among modern Hindu parents.

In Hinduism, fire reflects power, purity, and spirituality. A catchy name with a very earthy meaning, Bhuvana is a name you should definitely consider. If you want to keep things simple, try Bhuvi.

If your daughter were born in the month of Chaitra March-April , you could try the name Chaitali. Your daughter is your reflection, and the name Chhaya is the perfect name to portray this beautiful emotion. Like all parents, you too want your daughter to become a good human being, above all else. If you are a spiritual person and want your daughter to walk the same path, opt for the name Chintanika. Rivers are the giver of life. For Hindus, rivers, especially River Ganga, is a divine being.

Charvi is a lot more distinctive name than its derivative Chavi. If you want your baby girl to be courageous, then name her Dhriti. Its simplicity adds to its appeal among modern Hindu parents. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, the name Damini should be familiar to you! A great name for a-would be nerd! Most new parents search far and wide for a name that reflects their Hindu culture but sounds modern and unique.

Devina is a good bet for such parents. Your daughter changes your world so much that you see things in a new perspective. She is the vision of your life. If you are looking for a name that is not run of the mill, this is the right choice! Classy, short, and beautiful, this is the name fit for the queen of your heart! It is a little difficult to find good names with the letter E. If you want a name that is drenched with spirituality and wisdom, this is the name you should pick!

Your little princess has filled your life with light and joy. The warmth she brings is incomparable. Looking for a latest Hindu girl baby name that reflects your culture?

Opt for Gunita! Giva will make an attractive choice for your baby. It has an international appeal to it. It is a variation of the name Jiva, which means a living being. Hara is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Even parents of other ethnicities can consider this spiritual name for their daughters.

Who says that you cannot find a unique Hindu girl name for your princess? Try Haimi. One of the options you can try is Idika. It is an interesting option if you are looking for a name with the letter I. Children born in spring are lucky! What better time for a party than the beautiful months of spring? Ishanvi is a modern variation of the name Parvati. Indian folklore is full of tales of legendary queens and goddesses.

In Indian mythology, Jhanvi was the daughter of Yaksha, the wise. The other variation of Jhanvi is Jahanvee and Janvi. It is a nice name, worth a try if you need to name your daughter with the letter J. The existence of your daughter is the evidence of the divine, we are sure you agree! Are you someone who believes that being academically inclined defines success in life?

Then, Jignasa will be the perfect name for your baby. A name with a difference! If you are not looking for a name with a deep meaning, this one will fit the bill.

It sounds pretty and has a beautiful meaning, just what your daughter deserves. Parents today are increasingly looking for beautiful names that are not too long or complicated. And it makes sense, what with the world becoming smaller. If you want to give your daughter a name that is as easy to pronounce for an Indian as it is for an American, go for Kani.

What is it that you wish for your child? A name like Kashika can be your blessing for her. Little babies are cuddly and adorable. But they do grow up! Is your family artisitically inclined? How about Kavika? It is a popular name in The Southern parts of India but has universal appeal.

Not all names have to have deep and powerful meaning.

40 Modern Indian Baby Girl Names That Are Still Rare in the US

The Hindu religion is not just about worship and divinity. It is a way of life. Unfortunately, Hindu baby names have become increasingly unpopular. These days, many parents are looking westward for a good name for their children. Even parents who want an Indian or Hindu name just cannot seem to find something that matches the changing times.

Your little baby girl has just entered this world. Now you definitely want a beautiful name for your precious daughter.

Your little cutie pie has come to the world and yes, you need to give this pretty damsel a name that adorns her the best. Whether it is a traditional Hindu baby name or some name that fist your culture or perhaps a mix of trendy and contemporary names, we have all stocked up for you. So, dear parents, feel free, to choose from our elaborate collection of Popular Hindu baby girl names that completely sync with the Hindu Culture and Lifestyle. Popular hindu girl names starting with A 1.

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Names of the mother Goddess shakthi are the best names the girl child could have. The Sanskrit names of the Goddess are listed here in alphabeticla order. Sanskrit names of Lord Shiva Boy baby names. Please click this Icon to play Radio. Shaiva Lahari. Name Meaning 1. AnandanAyaki - Name Meaning

Traditional Indian baby names

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India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. So when it comes to choosing baby names, the options seem limitless.

Searching for a cute girl name for your little princess? We have many Indian Hindu girl names list for you, as per your preferences. We have created many baby names collection to find a perfect girl name. Looking for a baby name by Rashi Moon Sign?

Hindu Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Indian names for girls are often rooted in either Hindi, the dominant language of India, or Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. The Indian names for girls in our database also include a sprinkling of Punjabi and Urdu names. Indian names that are most familiar to English speakers are often the names of female celebrities, such as Priyanka Chopra or Padma Lakshmi.

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I love unique baby names. I did a whole lot of research trying to find the perfect name for my daughter when she was born. But in the end, I decided to name her Deepika after my grand aunt who is now deceased. Recently, when I was cleaning out my closet, I came across some of the Hindu baby girl names I had written down back then. Here are some unique Hindu baby girl names starting with D!

Beautiful Indian Baby Names for Your Sweet Little ‘Bachcha’

Beloved, Devoted to Love, Friend, The one to be acknowledged or praised; beloved; devoted to love. Bhishma abducted her from her swayamvara along with her two sisters to be his brother's bride. Goddess Durga, One who possesses bhag which is Said to have six attributes, Viz. A dot on the forehead. Goddess Lakshmi, Name of several plants with bright red flowers, Shining; luminous, glowing, bright. Holy book of the hindus, Song, Poem, The bhagvad Gita, The renowned Hindu religious treatise on philosophy and morality; Holy book of the Hindus, song. Collection of pomes in song, Tagores poems which got nobel prize, An offering of songs, Devotional offering of musical praise; Offering by songs.

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Top 188 Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names


Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings




Most Popular Indian Baby Name For Girls



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