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Girl meets world lucas cheats on riley fanfiction

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My First Rucas Fic. I can do better I know I can, I can do better. I know I can but I hope you like it anyway. He never felt he had a reason to be, he knew Riley would never cheat on him or anyone for that matter but he also was afraid that someone would come between them again, New York had a lot of attractive young minds and she had many to choose from. The first time it happened was after they officially began dating well into their Sophmore Year. Riley started tutoring students older and younger to get extra credit.

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Lucas and Riley

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Author's Note: Ok folks! It's time for the flashback chapter! Thanks to all who helped out because this was going to be a crucial chapter either it was the Rucas Flashback or Lucas' First Mission, the Rucas breakup won via knockout so here we go, the winner of your votes and damn were you guys clutch so mad love to you guys I present to you, the Rucas Breakup Flashback but first A little set up prior to the actual flashback, don't get mad at me I needed something to set this all in motion :.

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Girl Meets World. I'm not getting paid by the writers to write stuff like this but I wish I was Sadly they wouldn't let stuff like this air because it's Disney! It was around 1am and Lucas was out on patrol throughout the perimeter of the house with Odin. He was at the front yard with flashlight in hand and did his rounds.

He checked the area around him especially the long driveway in front of Riley's house where the Mobile Command Center is located along with Riley's white Land Rover and Charlie's black and blue custom Nissan Skyline. He looked at his surroundings and the only seen were a couple of other houses he saw in the distance. He began to move on but after a few seconds of walking he noticed Odin wasn't beside him.

He looked around and Odin was aware of something as Odin began to bark. He looked into the distance where Odin could be looking at. Lucas searched that area using his flashlight from the distance and on Riley's front lawn was a coyote who had just killed a rabbit. Get out of here! Odin crept closer and closer getting in front of Lucas not backing down.

Odin is a very tough dog, has been on the frontlines with Lucas in some dangerous rescue missions before. Odin and the coyote kept barking at each other not losing any ground as the lights from the house began to light up as Lucas turned his back where Riley and Charlie were looking over him and Odin.

Come back here! Odin and the Coyote clashed into a fight as Lucas took the safety off ready as he took a firing position, Odin and the Coyote were fighting and biting each other paws were in the air as they stood on their back legs. Odin held his ground and showed no sign of backing down. Odin was able to get beside the Coyote and bit his neck! Odin had killed the coyote after a couple of more bites.

Odin protected himself and the house from a coyote and won. Lucas rushed to Odin as he put the safety back on his pistol and checked for any sort of wounds on Odin. To his surprise and relief, Lucas found no sort of bite or puncture marks on Odin. They made their way back inside where Riley was relieved to see Odin was fine and tightly embraced him.

Odin sat still enjoying Riley's company even more as Riley gave him water to drink and Charlie fed him some chicken as a way to say thank you as Odin had a good time as he laid down on a carpeted lounge area where he enjoyed the chicken and had fun eating the chicken bones. Charlie went back upstairs to sleep to prepare for another long day at the restaurant while Lucas stayed with Odin.

Riley replenished Odin's bowl filling it with more water as Odin became an even happier dog. Riley looked at Lucas' phone and it was on his Facebook page. Lucas' phone was showing their last photo as a couple where they skated together in Rockefeller Park. They had spent her birthday together skating and enjoying each other's company. They sat down together at a nearby Starbucks and had Hot Chocolate together after two hours of skating.

December was their last month as a couple, the following week that came later would be their downfall and ended up being the demise of their relationship as a couple.

Lucas began to notice where Riley was looking, she wasn't looking at Lucas nor Odin, she was looking at the photo coming from Lucas' phone. It was the last period of the day. Riley and Lucas were in the 10th grade.

Riley had English class with Ms. Price and she was making teams for comparing the similarities between Othello and modern storylines in any sort of media: TV, movies, books, etc. She had the list posted a few minutes before the end of class. Riley looked at the list and she found that she was paired up with Charlie. They hadn't really spoken since New Year's Eve two years earlier where she turned him down, but they were still friends.

While Riley and Charlie were talking about what they could use in their assignment and in their presentation, Lucas was in gym class and were in the weight room for the week. One of his classmates recently got dumped because he was caught cheating with another girl, Lucas could never cheat on Riley, she was too good of a person to deserve that. But he only minded one thing about her, because they were growing up, things change however, Lucas had an issue with Rileytown still being a thing after all these years.

He knew Rileytown was special to Riley but he felt it was time for her to leave that behind but he could never say it to her because she was so happy. He felt today was the day that they would talk about it and maybe allow that time for Riley to grow up. Lucas got changed and checked his phone that the bell would ring in 2 minutes as he raced to Riley's class to pick her up.

He raced up the staircase taking longs strides up the stairs climbing 2 or 3 stairs at a time due to his long, powerful and, explosive legs. He had his stuff ready to go with his backpack on and waited outside.

The bell sounded and students were beginning to flood the once empty hallways of Abigail Adams High. He waited for Riley as he normally does but for some reason the teacher left before them. Price answered as Lucas entered the classroom where he saw Riley and Charlie together talking and smiling at each other beginning to write stuff down as she tore a piece of paper handing it to Charlie.

He felt his whole world collapse before his very eyes, did he just see Riley cheat on him? Lucas demanded to know as he marched towards the two. You're hurting me!

Lucas walked her to his truck and drove back to Riley's apartment as fast as he could. The car ride was fast and furious and Lucas didn't even say a word. She didn't get an answer from him.

Once there, they went through the Bay Window so they could talk as Lucas immediately placed his hands in front of his face as Riley tried to comfort him trying to get to the bottom of the situation but Lucas shrugged her off. You're not acting lie yourself today, what's going on? I thought you and Charlie were done back in Grade 8! I just need to know something, are you cheating on me? Did Lucas really ask that question?

She asked herself all sorts of questions in that quick moment. Lucas, all I gave Charlie was stuff to put on a powerpoint presentation which we're gonna work on tomorrow when he brings his laptop to class! You need to relax! How about Rileytown? How ridiculous is that? C'mon Riley! It was cute when we were younger but we're growing up now! Rileytown is gone! It got blown up by a nuke called reality! Rileytown won't be able to save you forever Riley, grow up!

We aren't in the medieval times anymore! It's time to grow up Riley! Get out of Rileytown and come back to the modern world!

At least we talked it over a few months later and were still able to stay friends. After that I really didn't think about what happened. Be honest with me Lucas, I want to know the truth.

I recently realized that all those years ago, I missed out on someone that was very special and unique. I blew it. It was quiet for a few minutes as the air became awkward around them while Odin looked at them panting. Lucas didn't know it but Riley had wanted to ask that question if she ever had private time with Lucas for a while since he re-entered her life. She just wishes things were on better terms and more positive times in their lives.

But I'm sorry, Charlie and I are engaged, you ran out of time but I know that whoever loves you and gets to marry you will have hit the jackpot. I love you too Lucas, but I know that I will soon have a husband and it's Charlie I'm very sorry Lucas, I really am. Lucas' pain returned at an all time high as he knew he had just lost Riley's heart forever. Charlie had won her over, he blew it. However little did they know, they were being watched as Charlie looked on from the staircase.

Author's Note: Ok guys that wraps up another chapter! I don't want a shipping war to come up, believe me I have already seen a few flare up on the Girl Meets World Wikia Page and sometimes I cannot lie, the wars are hilariously stupid.

And Riley gets another email! What will is say and is one of Riley's loved ones a target? Find out next time on Her Guardian Angel! Please review, follow and fav this story it would mean so much to me because I love interacting with you guys!

Maya groaned as she listened to her fiance curse the person at the door, cuddling further into his bare-chest before her eyes shot opened, "Oh my God! Maya quickly navigated herself through their living room and to the front door, wrapping the robe around her body due to dreadful coldness of winter. Her heart dropped at the sight of her best friend once she opened the door.

What happens when she returns? Is Maya and Lucas together?

Author's Note: Ok folks! It's time for the flashback chapter! Thanks to all who helped out because this was going to be a crucial chapter either it was the Rucas Flashback or Lucas' First Mission, the Rucas breakup won via knockout so here we go, the winner of your votes and damn were you guys clutch so mad love to you guys I present to you, the Rucas Breakup Flashback but first

This story will have some mature content, so I'm warning you now that it will be coming. The characters are in their late twenties when this takes place. She stole you by the twinkling stars the fire light you were never mine. Lucas Friar gripped the steering wheel with an intensity that turned his knuckles white before he changed the radio station. That song, why did that song have to be playing today? It was almost ten years old for crying out loud. He hated that song; it would tear apart everything inside of him if he had to hear the whole damn thing. It was only then that the other station decided to mind-fuck him as well as it played All I Need is an Angel , the song that started this entire mess.

Days went by, Lucas hadn't left Zay's apartment. He stayed in the guest room, curled up on the bed just thinking. Josh, Farkle, and Maya came by but he wouldn't talk to them. He'd just sit on the bed as they begged for him to open the door. Maya had gone to see Riley after Zay had told her that Lucas mentioned a fallout between them.

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him.

Riley was still in love with Lucas but now he is dating Maya. Riley just break up with Charlie because she likes him but it isn't love. Riley now doesn't talk with Maya and Lucas often because they don't know about what Riley is feeling and she doesn't want to hurt Maya.

Lucas didn't know what he was doing. They were supposed to be at a stop. He wasn't supposed to be with Riley or Maya. And yet, here he was.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Lucas & Riley - Faded [Love Story Season 1-3 (Ski Lodge)]

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. These stories include issues such as eating disorders, homophobia, domestic violence. But when Maya gets suspicions of him cheating, her roommate Riley enlists the help of Farkle to track down his phone. After realising with the help of Farkle's roommate Lucas that Josh is at party, all four of them decide to go and get revenge.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her. On top of that her feelings for a certain Uncle Boing, she has ignored for a few years, find its way back to the surface, stronger than before. What happens, if the two of them meet each other at a college party, drunk and vulnerable? Will Josh finally admit his feelings?

Read Before She Cheats from the story The story of my life (a girl meets world fanfic) by Disneyblonde7 "She's really hurt that you kissed Riley instead of talking to her. I didn't mean for Lucas to kiss me, and I hope it never happens again.

Riley still doesn't want to talk with me. It hurts me but for now, I can't do anything with that. Even if we aren't friends now I still care about her a lot. Missy hates her because She is with Lucas.

Riley's eyes shot open as she looked around trying to figure out where she was at the moment. Reese's apartment, yes she knew by the windows, the lights of Manhattan pouring in between the blinds. Thirteen years, and dreams of him still haunted her, this one though really only the last three years.






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