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The Gang where at Topanga's, happy what they accomplish at the budget meeting. Matthews was right. The artist did takes us out of the dark ages. Maya when Lucas told me about the whole yearbook fiasco, he told me you were acting like Riley except he said you stopped at mid sentence, something about brother. You tell them or I will.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World 2x21: Lucas & Maya #6 (Maya: Of course I like you)

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In my mind, this takes place during Girl Meets True Maya, it's kind of canon kind of not. So, yeah, just a small plot tweak ;. Farkle winced and I immediately regretted my outburst; I scurried to pick up the trash can that had acquired a new dent. I hated this creepy part of the city! I hated this stupid trash can! And I hated the fact that Maya was missing!

We'll find her, okay? And if we don't, Riley will. Maya's not dumb, she knows what she's doing. You're not the only one who's worried about her, okay? Let's get to Riley's and see if she's turned up there. We've searched everywhere else. Farkle was right. I knew he was worried about her too, but we'd searched everywhere. From that art studio not too far from our school all the way to the abandoned buildings she'd sneak into in seventh grade for no other reason than to be in solitude while she drew.

Hence why we were in what seemed like the only part of New York city which wasn't crowded. You see, she's gone missing. For the last week Maya hasn't been herself. She claimed she needed to find herself again. But no one realised how serious she was until she didn't turn up to school. We haven't seen her since yesterday afternoon and it's just gone six in the evening.

Farkle and I walked down the sidewalk in silence. The slightly cold New York breeze chilling us to the bone. Farkle was twiddling his thumbs and scanning the horizon, just incase the familiar blonde would greet us out of no where.

I was half expecting Maya to pop up behind us yelling, 'got ya', myself. I've never seen you like this. Not even when Riley was being bullied We all love Maya. But you I've noticed since eight grade but wasn't sure if my analysis was correct. My eyebrows furrowed, yeah, sure, I cared about Riley and Maya. But a different type of love just for Maya?

That's crazy. I wasn't in love with either of them. We've all changed since middle school. I'm now confident in my observations of emotions. Let's try something else, tell me, what do you love about Maya? And I think; deep down; she actually forgave her father a little over a year ago. She inspires me; although I'd never tell her that 'cos she'd just tease me. I still remember back in Texas when she admitted that she cared about me around the campfire- I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat.

I like her creativity- she has so many ideas ready to unleash to the world- and I know she can do it. Small and mighty. A delicate frame but a girl who could most definitely kick your butt. Warm features and a huge smile. Her smile She's often underestimated, but deep down she knows who she is. And I'll tell you this Farkle, she's always been Maya. The same heart, the same voice, she's just lost her edge.

I don't love Riley like that. I think I forced myself into the idea of it- when I heard that Maya actually liked Josh. Farkle you're actually a genius. I walked into the Matthew's house, not bothering to knock. I had to know if she was here. Maya turned to us, just as Farkle walked in beside me.

She looked beautiful. Her hair and clothes were slightly messy but she didn't look hurt. Story Story Writer Forum Community. My eyes widened at the scene. She caught my eyes but then turned back to Riley. Suddenly I didn't care what she'd done. I loved her, rebel or not.

I sucked in a breath, my old self was back. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration, "You don't understand, I have to protect her. I'm sorry Farkle. I let out a sigh, I had to get back to normal Lucas.

Where are you Maya? I swallowed hard. What kind of question was that? Of course I care about her. I care about Maya. I turned to the brainy guy. I'm not-" I began, trying to continue my walk. Farkle, I-" I wasn't actually in love, was I? Why couldn't I say it? I'll tell you. Farkle nodded at me to continue, scrutinising my face critically with a smirk.

What do you see in them? Farkle smiled and raised an eyebrow. I think I'm in love. Farkle chuckled too, "I know. Now are you a little less 'Texas Lucas'? We've wasted enough time with this conversation. My then eyes widened at the scene. I saw the back of a petite blonde right next to a large cop. Thank goodness. Suddenly I didn't care about what she'd done. I loved the blonde beauty standing in front of me. Rebel or not. And I'd tell her the next chance I got. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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So, this is my first GMW fic. Well, not much else to say. Please review. Constructive criticism is always welcome but, please, no flames.

Hi everyone! So while I was re-reading my fanfic "Don't you want me?

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Friar's Hart Lucaya Fanfiction. Founder: hannahleanda - Stories: 54 - Followers: 0 - id: Not Sick by Hart Matters reviews [Now a multi-chaptered fic! Name under construction] Maya has always been apart of Riley's Protection squad.

I already said it, but I was a real Lucaya sucker for a while, before I went back to Joshaya. No rude comments, please. If you want to read Joshaya check out my other GMW stories! This takes place at Girl Meets New Year and goes on from there. All the other chapters will have at least over words. What if , before Farkle spilled that Riley still likes Lucas , Maya and Lucas had almost kissed and Maya had tried to turn her back at Lucas after that, because she knew that he loves Riley , too. But does he really or did she run away with no reason? What will happen after the reveal at the party to the best friends and how will it affect all of the three? Will they find their happy end?

She appreciated the support; it made it easier to concentrate on the matter at hand rather than… well, her hand. That still stung. No more slapping desks, no matter how commanding it may appear to be. We need to get Maya and-". She wasn't too bad at this teaching game.

Sniffling, Maya shifts around on her mother's bed.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. The Cowboy and The Clutterbucket. Founder: SarakMay - Stories: - Followers: 46 - id:

Lucas like both girls but realized he felt more for Maya after their little debacle at the camp fire. Lucas realized he has always felt for Maya and never really for Riley the way he thought he did; he was pushed to like Riley. The Texas trip did not end after the camp fire, the group stayed 2 more days where they went on adventures to Lucas's and Zay's favorite places. If you had gotten hurt on that bull I don't know what I would've done with myself.

It made sense. What he said made sense. I thought he was right. But maybe he's not. He said I was protecting her.

I glanced around Topanga's, the somewhat new little cafe Riley's mom owned. Riley and Lucas were sitting on the couch besides the one Farkle and I were sitting on, talking quietly. I paid little to no attention to their conversation. I had been trying harder and harder to block out anything about Riley and Lucas these days, after my discovery when I was acting as Riles. That discovery being that Riley only sees Lucas, who is completely smitten with her, as a brother. Or something else totally platonic like that. The worst part of all was that she hadn't even realized it yet. There was no right way to tell her, and it wasn't like she would believe me if I did.

Mar 16, - She still liked Lucas, Riley still liked Lucas and Lucas liked both, it had become awfully uncomfortable, until the point were Maya decided to not.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community General Lucaya. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: phuong - Stories: 25 - Followers: 0 - id:

In my mind, this takes place during Girl Meets True Maya, it's kind of canon kind of not. So, yeah, just a small plot tweak ;. Farkle winced and I immediately regretted my outburst; I scurried to pick up the trash can that had acquired a new dent.

It's in the eighth grade and he has this unofficial thing with Riley going—or at least he thought he did, now they're apparent siblings—and he's so confused; his mind is tripping and stumbling, begging for a kind hand to guide him. He stares at her, long and hard, wondering how on earth he missed it. Maya likes him? It's not possible because to Maya he is a huckleberry, he is Mary's little lamb, he is Lucas the Good.

Hello guys, here I bring you my new story, I swear it will be better in the next chapters, I think this was an intro and i don't like it so much but oh well.

I'm back with a new chapter for you guys and I am kind of even more excited about this one than about the last one! Okay, so I am away from in two hours on until monday night. There will be no updates at any stories from me at that time. Zay looked at the blonde and then added, "You know that I am right and you deserve all of this Maya, but both of you have to fight for it.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Pushing My Limits by kiwi reviews Maya has had her life flipped upside down at the hands of an unknown person. The Lucas Friar crashes into her life and causes even more change to happen. The girls made their decision about who would get Lucas, and the decision was that Riley won. Maya's got Josh, though, so everyone's happy. Except for Lucas, who never got to voice his opinion.

Ski lodge is more of an inspiration for this story. I also do not own any of these characters or Girl meets World. Lucas looked at Riley then at Maya. I don't want to hurt one of you" Lucas then looked down at his hands that were lying on his lap.

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