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Find the escape-men 171

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Have 9 escape men. Shells next to fire is hint for the fish. Tbale is hint for the big clam. Can't find the 10th :. Yep, same here, inventory full and everything used.

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Find The Escape-Men 171: Ancient Pit Dwelling

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Have 9 escape men. Shells next to fire is hint for the fish. Tbale is hint for the big clam. Can't find the 10th :. Yep, same here, inventory full and everything used. Lol, a kind of escape man she-hulk opened the door : Good to see the escape men games back again :. To get them up, click their tail, for down, click the eye.

Not fair. Im not KitKatFox. Mind you, keep typing as fast because i will probs forget like a goldfish in about 2 minutes where i found anything. Some tricky men were - under the rug - under the table with 4 men one of them is an escape men as well. Have arrow and bow, but don't I need a string or something? Have nine men, what do I do with arrow? I beat someone in typing. Now, where is that punch bowl? Had trouble with the clam in inventory, table clue didn't work.

Hit extra left,right afterwards and it popped open. Tried 5 times without success, even backing out and going back in. Thanks Escape-Men games. It's good to see you back. Thanks everyone for the hints. Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks Nana Clio for the one by the door. I missed these guys. Nice game. Had some trouble with the big clamb the smaller ones are for decoration but out now. Thanks all for the hints. Just yesterday, I was wondering where these games had gone.

Thanks, Escape Men. Such fun! I look forward to more. Had trouble with the fish Fish can be clicked on heads or tails to move them.

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Solve some puzzles, find the 10 escape men and escape from the ancient pit dwelling! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun! Play This Game. Same as you ST. Have used everything in inventory, can't find 10th!

Maybe the one you are missing is where you knock on the wall, right of the exit? Keep thinking the spear must be for something? Inventory full but everything now used?? The clams on the fire are the clue. Jenny, There's a stone right behind the spear table. Use that on the walnut. I must be blind! Oh now it works, I must have combined ten times and just now decided to work. Bondslave, Combine bow and arrow and shoot the leaf back wall in fish scene. The break has been good for "Find the Escm".

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Find the Escape-Men 171: Ancient Pit Dwelling

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I'm not getting the fish right. I think the hint is Spoiler: on the table right from the spear, either d-u-d-u-u-d or visa versa but I've tried both options and nothing happens. Got 7 men and my clams left. Edit: oh, there are Spoiler: 3 positions for the fish didn't notice that before. They hang in the Spoiler: middle position, to go up click the tail, dot go down click the head That changes things, then the hint is probably Spoiler: the clams in the fire Yes it is Now all I have are 8 men and the clams.


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