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When a man says he needs space and time

When I was younger I assumed, incorrectly it turns out, that I would find the man of my dreams in my early twenties. So when I finally was able to transition into a healthy relationship I held on so tight I was literally suffocating him, and he uttered those words that bring fear into the eyes of every love-sick woman. I need space, he has said. In my small brain hearing those three little words instead of the more adorable better known 3-word phrase, I thought it was over. See, I had lived alone for more than 10 years. Space was the absolute last thing I could ever imagine needing in a relationship that meant so much to me.

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What To Do When He Needs Space But You Want To Be Together Again!

This can be very confusing. This is what happens in mutual relationships. Your instinct knows when you are getting respected and it knows when you are not. Cut him off. You have every right to be hurt. You have this community and you are never alone. Long hair looks gorgeous on you but I really like the shorter length too. So beautiful! Thank you again. You are an old soul my dear.

So good! Thank you! I needed that so badly! Such a great reminder of everything I should already know…but often forget. Hi Rachel! Thank you for reading and thanks for making me smile. I love your blog as I am finally seeing sense in my own behaviour and am freaking out that I may have screwed things up for good! The link to it is on the homepage. The guy that i have been seeing, announced yesterday that he wanted to give me my space, because i have been pulling him up on things he has been doing , like inviting me over to chill and watch a movie, but he is on his phone with his back to me WTF!!!

Im so over men useing me as a fuck tart, i just cant be botherd anymore and that just pisses and makes me more upset, men are dogs and i just really dont think i have time for them anymore….

This was the perfect article I needed to read right now. Described my exact situation and I feel a little more at peace about it now. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Hi I have recently dated a guy who has liked me since we finally got together and have been talking every day for the past few months..

We had a great first date where he told me he could get used to spending a lot of time with me.. Then he decided things were moving to fast and wanted to slow it down which I agreed so we continued talking every day and slowly it picked back up again where we admitted feelings and he said I was the only woman he would consider dating..

Anyway last weekend he invited me over to watch a film and he cooked dinner, it was lovely and relaxed and it felt so right, we ended up spending the night together and the sex was amazing, we spent the day in bed again great sex, I spent the evening and he cooked dinner again and I stayed another night..

So my gut was telling me something was off so I called him on it and I said something has changed!! Even if it was in my head but completely believe I was right he had suddenly changed and become disrespectful.. I am so proud of you. You are acting in light of the love and respect that you have for yourself.

You communicated openly and remained the kind, classy lady that you are. I am out of town for work this week, hopefully we can connect when I get home. I love you. And this is a major life issue: do our future goals line up? Or is that love is patient? And he needs to think about it….. And back story: this is a hyper intellectual over thinker male- with extreme over achiever attitude so he over analyzes everything! Even something as simple as what brand of socks to buy…. What ever happened?

I met this guy a month ago.. He came onto me really strong, would call me, text me.. He seemed really sweet.. I thought he was interested.. I texted him last Friday asking if he was okay and where he has been.. Love this blog! Everything was doing well with us. But last week all of a sudden, he asked for space! I was in shock! I overreacted and cried a lot.

He told me im the mos amazing girl ever and nobody even compares to me. He said that he really loves me but ldr is just too hard for him?

And there, i gave him his much needed space. You go girl. Thanks so much. You will have to be my family for now as I feeling so alone. As beautiful and smart as I am I was in love with a NA narcissistic ass. Well he has all the space he wants now. I have once again focused on me, upped my nutrition and fitness. Thanks again. You have a family here Vi and are far from alone. I acted crazy, and now he needs space. I know he loves me. I want him back in my life desperately.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have been dating a guy for a month and then completely screwed it up. He was hurt, broken, numb and every other bad feeling from my words than cut him to the core and basically I questioned his walk with God, duty as a man, ect. I wish I could take it back, but we all know words are extremely powerful and sometimes they are too bad to forgive and want to still stay with someone.

Heck, I would run if the situation were reversed! I turned to Google and came across your blog. You are loved, supported, backed, believed in and never alone. Happy it helped! Hi I have been married for 5 years my husband and I have a 4 year old daughter and both work full time. We bought our first house 4 months ago. We have been going to church and bible study.

He went out of town with work for less than 2 days and came back distant no affection and texting his female co worker all the time and talking about her all the time.

She is separated from her abusive husband and they have 3 young children together. She is 28 and i am about to turn My husband is A text that I sent to a friend telling her that he has been distant and has been texting this coworker alot. I asked her if I could talk to her fiance and see what his thought was on the two because he works with them. It got back to my husband that I was tripping and thought he was cheating with her. His bosses heard about it and now they are under investigation for fratinization.

He seemed to start to forgive me started being playful again and things started to feel better. It turns out his co workers reported him because he was calling her babe at work. Tuesday night I decided to turn to him in bed and say I love you. He said I know you do and that crushed me. That morning I asked if we talk sometime and he said talk about what?

I said us and said what about us? He said all this in a happy tone. Anyway plan was we were going to talk when our daughter went to bed that night. When I came home he was cold and upset all over again I had no idea why so I asked if he was ok and he said no and said it was because of me. We went downstairs to talk and he said he needs space he wants my daughter and I to stay at my moms for 7 days. If I didnt do it he would make a rash decision and divorce me. I am hurting and trying to give him space but I miss my home and our family and my mom is driving me crazy HELP.

I wish that I could answer but I have too much to say to type it all out and not enough hands to type or hours in the day. I would also need more details. This is why I cannot give direct advice in the comments section.

Thank you for your love, for reading, and for your understanding.

The One Perfect Thing to Say When a Man Says He Needs “Space”

It was about one year into our dating relationship when I sensed a difference in my boyfriend. My normally exuberant and passionate other half had become withdrawn, distracted, and disinterested when we were together. I scrambled to urge him back to his normal self by increasing the amount of time we spent together and being extra affectionate.

Being left wondering why men pull away when things seemed really good in relationships can leave anyone feeling confused, panicked, and rejected. The first thing you should know is that this isn't necessarily a bad thing for your relationship. In fact, when you accept his request and give him space, it can actually be an opportunity to bring you closer together as a couple.

Few things are as frightening or nerve-wracking as a man needing space. The way they process and experience things is different. Taking space is a natural coping mechanism for most men, just as seeking out support from friends and loved ones is a natural coping mechanism for most women. The number-one reason a man pulls away is that he is stressed.

He Says He Needs Space

The circumstances surrounding his request, your history, and the current state of your relationship are all factors in interpreting what he really means, so communication is key. That being said, when a guy asks for space, it probably has something to do with one or more of these things. The fact that he was honest with you and let you know he needs some time to himself instead of just ending things means he is open to communicating about your relationship. Not everyone is good at articulating how they feel as soon as they feel it, so be patient with him. This was probably your immediate thought when he told you he needed space, and for good reason. He could have some walls up, be emotionally unavailable, or just need to take things slow. This is where communication is key.

Here’s Exactly What To Do When He Says He Needs Space

By Andrew G Marshall. Updated: BST, 19 June Immediately, your mind goes into overdrive: what have I done wrong? Is he having an affair? Some women panic when they hear that dreaded three-word phrase, and assume their relationship is finished, while others play everything down and try to smooth over the problem.

The anxiety of a man needing space. It can make you feel blinded by fear of the worst.

This can be very confusing. This is what happens in mutual relationships. Your instinct knows when you are getting respected and it knows when you are not.

What To Do When He Says He Needs Space

These six little words usually arrive out of the blue and plunge you into a world of confusion. In fact, there are four steps you can do right now, to bring him back. Before you put them into action, though, you need to take care of your own mindset. To do so, remember that:.

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Now, listen carefully: what you do after he asks you for space is super important. When guys get upset, they like to go into their shell to get some perspective on the issue at hand. If you spend tons of time with someone but you fight all the time, no one would call that a great relationship. But if your schedules conspire so that you can only spend a little time with each other, but that time is amazing — anyone can see that you have a great relationship. In this way, sometimes the best thing to do for a relationship is to spend less time together.

9 Signs You Should Give Your Partner Space & How To Effectively Do It

A lot of you guys have been asking various forms of the same question: my dude seems to be putting the brakes on, and I don't understand what it means. Well, it can mean a few different things…. Listen, I'm not a mind-reader. So I can't tell you exactly why he says he "needs a little space," or "wants to take things a little more slowly," or "needs some time to think about things" or any of the other vague, overly gentle and therefore more heartbreaking ways he has of saying this. He might actually be gay for all I know, and that's an awfully hard thing to diagnose from an anonymous post on Smitten. But I can tell you that it doesn't mean it's the end. I've told every single girlfriend I've ever had that I needed space. Obviously I didn't end up marrying every single girlfriend I had I only married Blossoms, whom I told several times that I needed space.

Most people occasionally need some time by themselves to investigate When a man says he needs his Apr 25, - Uploaded by Derrick Jaxn.

Even the most madly in love couples need space sometimes. Alone time gives us the opportunity to focus on ourselves — which is never a bad thing — as well as explore our other interests, our relationships with our friends and family, and room to grow. People can't evolve when they're constantly glued to someone else's side. No one is posting a picture of themselves taking a yoga class alone or reading a book!

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Some men are afraid of commitment or of getting in too deep too fast. Instead, he wants to send you into a panic wondering if this is the beginning of the end or whether he really does need a break. When guys feel no progress, or they feel stuck, their first move is to step away.

There is no worse feeling than hearing the person you love tell you that they need some space from you. When our emotions are all over the place, we often make mistakes and inadvertently end up pushing a person away. Though it may be hard, keep in mind that rough patches can actually make a relationship better than ever before! You just have to know how to navigate the waters….





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