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Following the experiences of Nebetiunet - an Egyptian mother and wife living in the holy city of Waset Thebes during the fifth year of the reign of Ramesses II - Egyptian Woman offers a fascinating insight into a year in her busy and remarkable life. When Nebet was orphaned at the age of ten, she was taken into the household of her Uncle Nebneteru in Thebes and was established as an apprentice seamstress in the linen workshop of the great Temple of Amen-Ra. She later married a young scribe, Amenmose, and had six children in the first nine years of her marriage. Now, with a household to run, servants to manage, a husband and family to care for, and a highly responsible job to do, Nebetiunet's hardworking life is never without incident. From the inundation of the Nile at the start of the year, through the winter and summer months, we share in the many highs and lows encompassing birth, death, marriage, war, work and education, all experienced by Nebetiunet and her close family and friends.

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Just needed advice from someone more englightened about the topic. From time to time I would like to spend some time with her in the privacy of my hotel room. Would it be wiser to rent a flat if that was a more convenient and better choice? The purpose of my trip is to spend some time with my fiancee. Can anyone advice on how to go about it?

No respectable Egyptian lady would even think about going to your room or apartment alone and if you suggest it you could very well land up offending her. Even if you were just wanting to discuss things with her in private and were not intending anything more intimate it is still a very big NO. It is not a matter of respectability, it is a matter of the lady's choice. Right to choose has nothing to do with local traditions.

Point is if she wants to come is there a legal bar? We are not discussing morality. The Lady is a Christian and that should not bother anyone as Christians are far more liberal. I am sure no one asks whether one is a Christian or a Muslim when a guest comes to a hotel in Egypt or when one is in a bar having a drink. I am only asking at the legal aspect not the cultural one. Another point to ponder is that people who come to Egypt as couples need not be married as it is common in the West for boy friends and girl friends to travel together on vacations.

So what I read above would all these lady's be considered disrespectful? Its our culture and u want our money. If our money is good for the Egyptian economy then you will have to cater for our traditions. Is the Egyptian belly dancing acceptable in the Islamic tradtion? I see contradictions in ur arguments. Sorry but you did originally ask if there is any taboo or legal bar. Yes it is definitely taboo. And you could face serious legal problems as well.

It does not matter if the lady is Christian or Muslim. Christian ladies in Egypt are no more liberal than their Muslim counterparts. Some ladies are more liberal than others but their religion does not come into it. Society is very conservative here regardless of religion. The vast majority of ladies in Egypt, Christian and Muslim, would never go to a gentleman's room or apartment unaccompanied.

Dress codes are conservative for both religions. Any intimate contact with a person of the other gender is definitely prohibited by both religions and could leave one open to serious problems with the young lady's family or even the authorities. I am not making any arguments for or against I am just reporting back the situation as it is.

It has nothing to do with what tourists do or the subject of belly dancing, I should add that although Egyptian families, as a whole, like watching belly dancers they would, in many cases, be horrified to have a belly dancer in their own family.

Suppose that he has an Egyptian girlfriend who would accept that and there will be always some exception to any rule, would it be fine? The answer is no. There is a law that bans couples to stay together without marriage documentation.

Due to the understanding of the different culture in the west, this law is applied only with Arabs Muslims or not. If your girl looks like a foreigner and can act like one and you reserve the room using your name and your passport, you will get away with it, but if they at the hotel reception discover she is Egyptian, they will not allow you to stay. The alternative then would be a private apartment.

That is from the legal point of view. From the social point of view, it depends on the background of your girlfriend. I live in a surrounding of friends including many with westernized orientation. I know 2 or 3 cases of Egyptians living with their boyfriends or girlfriends without marriage, but those come from and only interact with a certain very thin social class that could never make any generalization.

It was just not clear whether your gf already accepts the idea or not. So, the point that swisssinai wanted to make or the advice he wanted to give is, if you are sure the girl is fine with it, go ahead, but if you are not sure, be very careful before you try and talk her into it because if she is from the And as Swisssinai said, never assume that she being a Christian means she will be fine.

Reading up on culture and customs would also be helpful, given your relationship with an Egyptian woman. The advice swiss gives is spot on.

Although exceptions are made for western tourists, Egyptians are not permitted to stay in an hotel together, if unmarried. Is this fair? Is this fact? So, it is taboo, Measures are taken to ensure only married Egyptians access hotel rooms.

Are there private apartments where you can find a way round this? I'm sure all of this must be frustrating but in Egypt, a woman's 'reputation' is very important. Western women who fall in love with Egyptian men have to adapt to very strict codes of behaviour. The same applies to western men in relationships with Egyptian women. You can still spend time togather in coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Good luck. We will remove messages or topics that contain objectionable language and images avatars or links to pornography , including but not limited to profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, pornographic literature, racial slurs, hate speech, personal insults, hostile comments and threatening language.

We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. I would like put things in perspective here. This lady is not a bimbo but someone from a reasonable middle class family. The idea to be together is not making love, as many here might have concluded.

The idea of having private moments can even mean holding hands and an occasional kiss and I do know that most ladies from the Arab world would not do that in public. We will formally get engaged when I come to Egypt , though legally that does not give us a license to live together in Egypt but we are human beings with true feelings of love; so the question is can we spend our private moments away from the public eye?

I know about people having double standards in many countries but obviously I am not going to Egypt to straighten up the society there but for the woman I love.

I have no reason to bring her into disrepute but I am sure I have some right to be with her in private. Even in countries as backward as Pakistan I am told by expatriates that girls and boys date arround in 5 and 4 star hotels as they are the best places and secure from the over zealous religious establishment. I had imgained that Egypt as a nation had become more liberal and that there was a clear divide between the fundos and their liberal elite.

After all nations depending on tourism cannot have strictures against individuals who meet in private with mutual consent. I hope I have made my point of view clearer.

Thanks Mena for being so human in your response and advice. Naturally as a foreigner I dont want the woman I love to get into trouble but I am sure a civilization as ancient as Egypt would not downgrade love to the level I have noted on this forum.

I would like to discuss this matter with u discreetly if it was possible. Thanks again. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Cairo forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Best value hotels in Cairo. Fairmont Nile City. Al Masa Hotel. Hotel Longchamps. Alvin F. Ask a question. What's my chance? See All Cairo Conversations. Top Deck tour vs other companies View Hotel.

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Gender inequality in Egypt

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Cairo and a dating guide we have the info you are after, you just may not like what you hear. When guys travel they like to try new things, eat the local cuisine, and hooking up with some single women from the area is often on their minds as well. Good luck with that, your chances of going out and getting laid with an Egyptian girl on a short trip are pretty much non-existent. Even expats who plan to live here for a long time are going to struggle, at least with the local ladies. But we will get into all of that at the end of this post, we like to begin with the information you came for and then give our opinions on the dating culture in a city after that.

An intrinsic case study design was used to explore the experiences of girls in STEM from a socio-cultural perspective within a critical theory framework. The participants were STEM school graduates currently enrolled in engineering tracks in higher education institutions in the United States. Gender equity in education, especially in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics STEM education, is a global priority [ 1 ].

Just needed advice from someone more englightened about the topic. From time to time I would like to spend some time with her in the privacy of my hotel room. Would it be wiser to rent a flat if that was a more convenient and better choice? The purpose of my trip is to spend some time with my fiancee.

FGM doctor arrested in Egypt after girl, 12, bleeds to death

Traditional gender roles in Egypt are prevalent and clearly defined. These roles are largely associated with traditional Islamic family structures, wherein women's roles are closely tied to the domestic sphere and men's roles tied to the public sphere see: Women in Egypt. Gender roles are based on assumed biological differences between the sexes and can lead to dramatically different life experiences as well as opportunities and outcomes for individuals. Consequently, when looking at a number of indicators, women often find themselves disadvantaged relative to men. Reasons for inequalities are numerous; social norms and attitudes, economic pressures, religious beliefs , and structural forces all help maintain the status quo. Marriage is the formal institution wherein women's different legal status is most apparent. Official age of consent for marriage is 16 for girls and 18 for boys, though child marriage of females still continues in certain areas without legal intervention.

Women in Egypt

Im a British citizen i've been told I look Egyptian or Mediterranean as I have dark skin and i'm planning on visiting my Egyptian male friend in November. We met 8 months ago - have kept in touch every day and seen eachother for one week since then - staying in separate places. He's saved up enough money yep, he's paying his own way and incidently he did this when I visited in May for one week too for me to visit him and show me more of Egypt. We talked of sharing either an apartment, or booking two hotel rooms and potentially sharing one of these , but I do not want ANY trouble with the tourist police or any authorities.

No eBook available SimonandSchuster. Sadat emphasizes both politics and women's issues in this story of her marriage to the man who served as Egypt's president for more than a decade.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Alexandria with a dating guide you are in the right place. Just give us a few minutes to inform you all about the best places to pick up single women and also take them out on a date night. Table of Contents. Other date night ideas and fun stuff to do together will get broken down as well.

Are Egyptian/Cairo Hotels Girl Friend Friendly? - Cairo Forum

Eida did not have the chance to go to school. The closest school was about 7 kilometres away so instead she stayed to help her father at home. Born into an illiterate home, she dreamed of going to school and seeking her right to education. Eida began her schooling at age 9 and has been studying at the community school for five years now.

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The role of women in Egypt has changed throughout history, from ancient to modern times. From the earliest preserved archaeological records, Egyptian women were considered nearly equal to men in Egyptian society, regardless of marital status. Women were stated lower than men when it came to a higher leader in the Egyptian hierarchy counting his peasants. This hierarchy was similar to the way the peasants were treated in the Middle Ages. When women married, they depended on their husbands to make all decisions, while the women themselves were depended upon to carry out household chores.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Cairo & Dating Guide

Visit our new interactive Atlas! A World Bank study shows that ending child marriage in Egypt could generate USD million in earnings and productivity. Child marriage is driven by gender inequality and the belief that girls are somehow inferior to boys. In Egypt, child marriage is also driven by:. Egypt has committed to eliminate child, early and forced marriage by in line with target 5. The government outlined actions taken in relation to this target during its Voluntary National Review at the High Level Political Forum, the mechanism through which countries report their progress on the Sustainable Development Goals including:. However the government did not report on progress made against target 5. Egypt co-sponsored the Human Rights Council resolution on child, early and forced marriage , and signed a joint statement at the Human Rights Council calling for a resolution on child marriage.

17% of girls in Egypt are married before their 18th birthday and 2% are married before the age of According to UNICEF, Egypt has the 13th highest absolute.

A doctor has been arrested after the death of a year-old girl he had performed female genital mutilation FGM on. Nada Hassan Abdel-Maqsoud bled to death at a private clinic in Manfalout, close to the city of Assiut, after her parents, uncle and aunt took her for the procedure. The doctor, 70, carried out the procedure without anaesthesia, without a nurse present and without any qualifications as a surgeon, according to local prosecutors. Family members reportedly admitted that they knew they were taking the child to undergo FGM, and that her mother and aunt had stayed in the room during the procedure.

They were meeting potential husbands through family connections but often they would have to decide whether to marry them after a one-hour meeting. A cousin, Saleh says, went through 10 years of this without finding anyone to settle down with. Saleh, 32, wanted to find a better matchmaking method. So he and three other entrepreneurs came up with Harmonica, a dating app he says meets the specific needs of Arab users — and gives people more than an hour to decide their future.

At first there was nothing forbidden about it at all — we met, we did the right thing and approached her father for permission, he gave us the green light, preparations for the engagement ceremony were made — everything was perfect. Learning Arabic? Take a look at my other site: TalkInArabic. I take my hat off to you blokes for doing that.

Egyptian girls are known for their optimistic outlook on life and they are said to be witty and to have a good sense of humour. They are also very welcoming and generous.

The whole world makes you believe something metaphysical is going to happen right when the clock hits midnight announcing the end of your twenties and the beginning of a new era of adulthood, seriousness and pretty much grimness. But the truth is, when it was 12 a. I consider myself one of the luckiest few, I was granted great parents, they are neither the richest nor the most fortunate, yet they are the best, they know how to make their children feel special. They support all my decisions, and never viewed marriage as a necessity for life to be good.



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